The Seven Sisters is a ferry that leaves Delidia West harbor every day at 16:57 hours.

But it’s unknown when it arrives. Or where.

The boat takes you to a unique place of your desire, with everything being just as you want and at the moment that only you want.
But no, it’s not a machine that is activated with strong dreams or wishes that come from the heart. The desires are uncontrollable and unconscious. Be very careful what you wish for, it could bounce back against you, often in a very unpleasant way.

Geiranger saw herself cornered, engulfed in toxic air, only three years after marrying  a man who she always considered the man of her dreams, Hellesylt. Things don’t end up being what one expects, and she couldn’t continue with a lie in the shape of a completely unsatisfactory relationship.
She took the Ferry on a Monday, and arrived the next day at West harbour, closer to home. Her life was the same after leaving the ship, but without him. Hellesylt did not exist and had never existed.
But after only two months she couldn’t stand living without him any more.

The story of Lom is the most emotional of those which we know. He lost his dog Bøvra, after five years of bringing love and affection that a human could never provide. Bøvra disappeared while Lom was at a mandatory business trip.
Torn apart,  He decided to give the Seven Sisters a try. He travelled for the same time that his pet was lost, thirty-one days, of which he went without any kind of food or a bed, and scarce water supply. It seemed that the boat wanted him to feel what his friend suffered for a month.
He finally reached land, to a completely impossible dock, created out of nothing and in the middle of a forest completely unknown to Lom. He found Bøvra in a cave, around thirty meters from the pier, extremely thin and about to starve. The instant happiness of that animal when she saw her owner is still today part of a story that goes by word of mouth throughout Delidia.

Svalbard felt no attachment or appreciation for his own life. He was not going to worry about tomorrow when today he had everything that meant happiness to him: Money which was inherited from his deceased parents which seemed to have no end, fake friends everywhere, no job or any way of giving back to society, and drugs.
Many drugs.
From alcohol in pathetic amounts up to  heroin as diet. He didn’t remember the last day he was sober for over an hour.
Following a bet with a group of ticks called friends, he jumped aboard the Seven Sisters one Sunday in March. The ship hit a huge rock after a couple of hours sailing, and it soon came to its demise, completely sinking and leaving no trace of anything or anyone.



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