Fire and water

Fire and water

Delidia is a world where the fire is water and the water, fire.

There are no glasses or jars there, since no one would retain heat that way. Now, of course, fireplaces, well sealed, are filled with pots, and you just have to change the fire once every couple of weeks.

People drink candlelight. Candles are usually white, cylindrical, but not very big, even though there are many people who have color candles with entertaining and playful flavors. They are lit with a water lighter, you drink what you want and they can be on as long as you want, or turn they off so they don’t consume. There are people carrying lighted candles for the day, and they drink little by little.

Kitchens are like the aquariums here on our side. They are regulated with the amount of fire inside it: the more, the hotter. It doesn’t matter to leave it on there, it is more than safe.

You should see the swimming pools in Delidia; they become a visual feast of red and yellow colors where people enjoy a refreshing swim without flotation. The floor is filled with gas valves arranged in some funny ways for ones, and sober for others. I have seen places with 457 gas spots.

And how are firefighters, you may ask.
Quite friendly.

fire and water

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