Mr. Monkey looked at Don Lizardo without talking for exactly 4.57 seconds. He looked angry, but like a mother gets angry with her son, with a certain type of tenderness that cannot be masked.

– I don’t understand why you had to do that.
– Do what?
– Don’t play dumb, please.
– I play nothing.
– Well, what about the thing you just did, Lizardo?
– But The Sixth Sense is a very old movie!
– I don’t care, you know I haven’t seen it.
– Well, the article 3 of the unwritten laws of spoiler says – and dealt, by heart – “If a movie is more than 10 years old, the spoiler cannot be considered as such”.
– Oh, really? Then you should know that Planet of the Apes is on Earth all the time.

Don Lizardo stared without batting an eyelid at Mr. Monkey, serious, like waiting to finish a process that was going on in his head. Monkey hoped for an unpleasant reaction in order to make him feel satisfied.

– You know I wanted to see it.
– Well, according to the article 3 of…
– Shut up.

Mr. Monkey looked up at the ceiling, smiling. He closed his eyes while shaking his head “no” and almost let a little chimpanzeeish giggle out.

– I love you, Lizardo.

And he hugged him.



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