The tunnel

The tunnel

Ellipse passed every day through that tunnel, near the river, as it was the only way to go to school from home. He always met with Area along the way, before reaching the humid corridor. He was secretly in love with those black eyes, deep as the universe itself. Area was the girl of his dreams. She knew that well, but tried to let it go because she did not feel the same. But he would not give up.

there wasn’t a day where he didn’t pass that elderly man. He didn’t move a single centimeter, just watching the river, thinking about something. It felt that what he was pondering was a problem without a solution, seemingly punishing himself in a loop which he would not come out of for some reason.

They called him the man of the memories. He suffered intermittent Alzheimer, which required him to write what he had experienced in his lucid moments on small pieces of paper that could be read in the following periods of sanity. He used to walk around the river, always at the same time; just as his wife came home from work so they could walk under the sun and talk about how their day had been.

But she had died 4 years ago after 57 of sharing every moment of their lives together.

It was Saturday. Ellipse wanted dearly to know Area outside of their mundane school lives, so he plucked up the courage to invite her for an ice cream, to which she accepted, charmed by his proposal. Something began to take root in her little teenage heart, and she was curious, or so she thought. They went to the place which eventually became his favorite: the tunnel of Delidia.

After some time, the conversations became increasingly redundant, and silence fell.
Ellipse looked at Area.
Area smiled.
Ellipse brought himself closer to her strawberry lips.
They merged in a kiss that would go on to be repeated for years.

They walked now, holding hands under the light of a sun that they would now enjoy together, always.

Just like in the weekdays, the man was there by the river. Ellipse could not stand to see his face, it denoted an absolute sadness, so he went to ask if everything was okay.
But there was no response.
He insisted.
Perhaps he was deaf. Ellipse decided to touch his shoulder to increase the degree of interaction. But he could not. His hand went through his body like a cloud, as if the man was only a shadow, a separate entity. Ellipse took two steps back and waited two seconds, speechless. Then he ran.

What no one knew was that the man of the memories went every day to the same place because it was where he had spent most time with her. Where he had started to know her and kissed her for the first time.
And he couldn’t stand the fact that he had lost her for ever.

the tunnel

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