Vermis has a birthmark on his chest that gives him security, because it makes him feel unique. He’s proud of it.

Vermis doesn’t have a home. He is a bum, a homeless. His job is to beg, and his salary; leftovers. Leftovers of those whose problems in life make Vermis laugh. Sometimes there is nothing to eat for days. But this doesn’t let him stop being happy.

Vermis doesn’t rest.

Vermis has been in many fights out of necessity. Against 4, 5, even against 7, just for a tiny reward. He has been himself several times on the brink of death and he has been very scared. When one lives on the street, one has no choice. But this doesn’t make him sad either.

Because Vermis has a superpower. Vermis can do something that others can only dream about.

Vermis can fly.

Vermis is able to rise several meters, he has even learned gradually to move with a certain speed.

Vermis has seen beautiful landscapes throughout Delidia from impossible heights for the rest of us. Only he is able to feel the wind caress his body, and feel this incredible sense of freedom.

Because that is precisely what Vermis is. Free. And that’s what makes him happy, regardless of the rest.

Perhaps it is this rare condition which has set him apart from society and become this loose, leftover piece of the game. Normal people don’t like the unknown.

But Vermis is happy, he flies anywhere and he is dedicated to acquire new experiences every day.

Yet Vermis is only capable of flying under one condition.

He needs to be completely naked.


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